Agricultural character of Gniezno Powiat is defined by high percentage of arable areas. They occupy, as has been mentioned previously, 73% of the powiat area.

In Gniezno Powiat there are over 5 thousand individual farms. There are also farms owned by the State Treasury Agricultural Agency, Production Cooperatives and Producers' Groups of various forms of operation. One of the most active groups is the Producers' Group "Polanie" with their seat in Kłecko, busy with production of root crops, onions and cucumbers. Agricultural production is carried on at a high level with the use of modern technologies. In animal production pig-breeding prevails and next are dairy cows and developing poultry-breeding. The characteristic feature of pigs bred in our region is high content of meat - 54% on the average. It proves high quality of the material. Consumer crops have high quality parameters as to gluten content and good baking qualities. Large scale of production (it constitutes good source basis) can contribute to the development of agricultural-food industry and processing.

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