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District Centre of Tourist Information
Ul. Rynek 14
62-200 Gniezno
tel.: 61 428 41 00
e-mail: it@szlakpiastowski.com.pl
www: www.szlakpiastowski.com.pl
The Poviat Centre of Tourist Information is open from Monday till Friday from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.
The Poviat Centre of Tourist Information was created in April 2001 in order to serve tourists visiting our poviat and also having in mind the tourist promotion of our region.
The main aim of the Centre is providing information about the poviat's tourist attractions and culture-sports events taking place in the poviat.
As the result of its operations The Poviat Centre of Tourist Information has as its goal to make tourists stay longer in our poviat. It co-operates with local and international institutions and organizations involved in tourism. The Centre participates in local and foreign fairs and tourist exchanges.
The Centre offers tourist publications and tourist offers from the whole country. The Centre uses the country-wide systems of tourist information.

The Poviat Centre of Tourist Information offers professional service to tourists from Poland and from abroad. It also gives information how to plan a trip. In the Centre one can practically organize everything, starting with the information about Gniezno Poviat and the Piast Route. One can also get full and detailed information about accommodation in hotels, at camping sites and holiday farms all around Poland. At the Centre one can buy promotion materials about our poviat, that is, all kinds of descriptions and information about the poviat in Polish, English and German. One can also get maps, town plans and plans of various regions of Poland as well as special maps, such as the map of Polish castles, the map of buried treasure, the map of environmental protection and all kinds of guides.
The latest acquisition of the Centre is the new map of Gniezno Poviat - it is the second, updated publication.

PTTK (Polish Tourist and Know-Your-Country Society) Gniezno Land Branch
Ul. Kanclerza Jana Łaskiego 10
62-200 Gniezno
tel./fax: (061) 426-36-60

PTTK Gniezno Land Branch is open:
in season:
from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.
out of season:
from 10 a.m. till 12 p.m.

In 1933 on the initiative of the then Gniezno Satrost - Julian Suski, there came into being the Branch of the Polish Know-Your-Country Society, which began organized tourist and know-your-country activities the aim of which was to get to know and praise places of Gniezno Land. Its branches were also created in Dziekanowice, Kłecko and Witkowo. Tourist Committees were appointed: the revisory committee, the guiding committee and the committee of tutors of school youth. Bolesław Kasprowicz, an entrepreneur from Gniezno was elected the first President and the first seat of the Society was at 4, Primate Łubienski's Street.
Since 1934 the first guides performed their duties in the structures of the Society. They guided tourists and pilgrims showing them historical monuments of Gniezno and its vicinity. In winter 1935 the first course for 20 candidates for tourist guides was organized. Gniezno was entered on the list of tourist places and received railway bonuses for tourist journeys.
The handing over for use of the first tourist hostel at Ostrów Lednicki in 1936 was a great achievement of PTK Gniezno Branch. That event was connected with the solemn blessing of the pallatium ruins on the island with the participation of the President of the Polish Republic, Józef Mo?cicki and Primate August Hlond. Unfortunately the Second World War interrupted the operations of PTK.
Then the enthusiasts of tourism led by Stefan Springer, LWP Colonel, put the ruins at Ostrów Lednicki in order; the hut used by archeologists and tourists as a shelter was repaired The Branch also acquired two fishing boats and organized tourist trips to the island. There appeared the idea of building a tourist hostel. In 1949 the project was ready but it was never carried out.
In 1950 the Polish Know-Your-Country Society gets joined with the Polish Tatra Mountains Society turning into the Polish Tourist and Know-Your-Country Society.
The organization realizes its statutory tasks connected with the development of tourism and guiding.

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