In Gniezno Powiat we have over 11 thousand registered enterprises. 409 firms operate in public sector and 11 478 firms belong to private sector. In the powiat there are seven state-owned companies and 64 cooperatives. The structure of the industry that used to predominate in our region caused that presently the local firms operating in the area are mainly busy with: production of clothes, shoes and accessories for construction industry; with construction, window production, food processing, production of furniture, metal processing and production of machines.

For developing firms tax reductions are applied. Firm which have financial problems are granted postponement of payment term or they are not charge penalty interest. Apart from that the Town of Gniezno and the communes of Gniezno Powiat grant allowances in property and land taxes the rate of which depends on: type of business, expected scope of financial involvement, number of employees and anticipated employment growth. Every time the rate of allowances undergoes negotiations with self-government authorities according to the criteria listed above.