Economy information

Among 35 poviats of Wielkopolskie Province Gniezno Powiat is the fourth as to the number of inhabitants and sixth as to the area. Many firms with foreign capital have already invested here. The self-government authorities of the powiat count on further investments, especially those which will generate new jobs.
The economy of Gniezno Powiat is structurally varied. Predominating branches of economy are: market services (trade, repair, hotel industry, transport and communication, storage and communal services), non-market services (public administration, education, health care, social care) and agriculture.

Number of registered firms (private and state-owned enterprises, including trade law companies):
  • 1999: 9240 (including 331 in public sector and 8909 in private sector),
  • 2000: 9703 (including 379 in public sector and 9324 in private sector),
  • 2001: 10280 (including 409 in public sector and 9871 in private sector),
  • 2002: 11887 (including 409 in public sector and 11478 in private sector).
Banks and financial institutions

In Gniezno Powiat there is a well developed network of banks and banking services. The following banks have their branches here: PEKAO S.A., PKO BP S.A., Bank Przemysłowo-Handlowy PBK, Bank Zachodni WBK, BGŻ S.A., Kredyt Bank, Lukas Bank. In Gniezno Powiat there also function cooperative banks and other entities involved in financial services.

Self-government authorities try to notice and honour local firms which in a particular way contribute to the economical development of the region and which are distinguished by their actions for the benefits of the local society. That is why The Powiat Office in Gniezno together with the Association of Gniezno Entrepreneurs have been organising a competition since 2002 in which the prize "Eagle of Gniezno Powiat Entrepreneurship" is granted. The criteria for appointing the laureates are: development of the firm, image of the firm, quality of services and goods, innovation, achievements in other competitions as well as participation in the life of the local society. Prizes are granted in the following categories: production, craftsmanship, wholesale trade, retail trade, agriculture and services.

In the year 2002 the prizes were granted to:
  • Altom Centrum Handlowe AGD - wholesale of household articles,
  • Alco-Pegro from Kołaczkowo - spirit products
  • Secura - Security - people and property security agency
  • Association of Garden Cultivation Producers Polanie from Kłecko - production of root crops, onions and cucumbers.
  • Production-Trade Enterprise Stefan Rurek - bakery and cake shop,
  • Trapex from Gniezno - many-line enterprise - network of grocer markets and warehouses.
In the year 2003 the prizes were granted to:
  • "LNB Poland" - leader in the production of full set of food additives
  • "Rubel" - production of wooden ladders and tables for wallpapering
  • Jeweller's "Symix" -jewellery company
  • Agricultural-Breeding Farm from Żydowo - farm specializing in cattle, pigs and sheep breeding
  • Capital - Investment Enterprise "Chrobry" - financial agency - cash credits, instalment credits, mortgage credits, financial leasing
  • Cooperative "Dozór" - monitoring, protection, technical services of property renewal, printing house and workshops of active therapy.
Self-government authorities pay particular attention to the development of entrepreneurship as the best way to improve living conditions of the inhabitants of the powiat, to decrease the unemployment, and to develop the region economically.
In order to achieve this in the year 2002 Gniezno Agency of Economic Development Ltd. was created. It is a task undertaken solidly by: Gniezno Powiat, the Town of Gniezno, communes: Gniezno, Czerniejewo, Kiszkowo, Kłecko, Mieleszyn, Trzemeszno and Witkowo.
Operations of the Agency aim at the promoting of the region as an area attractive to local and foreign investors, supporting local initiative in towns and communes of Gniezno Powiat and in particular they are directed towards the supporting and developing of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Why is it worth to invest in Gniezno Poviat?

Self-government authorities pay significant attention to winning new investors both local and foreign. Here are important circumstances which ought to help you to make the decision of investing in Gniezno Powiat:
  1. Support for the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises
    In the year 200 self-government authorities of Gniezno Powiat, having in mind the creation of tools for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, brought to being the Gniezno Agency of Economic Development Ltd. Its operations are mainly aimed at support and economic development including the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  2. Well prepared and educated personnel
    In Gniezno and in the powiat there are many schools which educate specialist personnel. Here are also branches of schools of university level, a large number of post-secondary schools and post-middle schools with proper profiles.
  3. Well developed network of roads making it possible to communicate effectively within the powiat and outside it.
    Since the moment the powiat was created self-government authorities took good care of the powiat roads. Despite shortages in the budget every year investments are carried out on the roads being the responsibility of the Powiat Road Management. The powiat also manages to gain money from outer sources. For example in the year 2003 one of the powiat roads was modernised thanks to resources gained from the programme SAPARD.
  4. Highly developed agriculture
    Gniezno Powiat belongs to typical agricultural regions. Agricultural production is carried on at a high level. The scale of production and its quality are the best proof of it.
  5. Considerable emphasis put by the self-government authorities on the protection of natural environment
    Intentional union of communes is just being formed upon the initiative of the authorities of Gniezno Powiat, the aim of which is waste management. The main goal of the union is to settle the issues connected with selective waste collection. Upon the initiative of Gniezno Starost Jacek Kowalski we succeeded at the end of the year 2002 to introduce selective collection of glass waste. 220 containers for white and coloured glass waste were placed in the area of the whole powiat. They were received from Antoninek glassworks. This is only the beginning of the policy carried on in the field of environmental protection. Yet within a short period of time with the common effort of the powiat and communes this problem should be solved.
  6. Friendly climate for investors.
    Our motto is: "Good place, royal tradition". It refers to both contemporary times and those already gone by. It tells us that it is here where everything began and still ought to develop. Ten communities of Gniezno Poviat create very good conditions, which favour development of inrestment. They collaborate willingly with other subjects which cause thet new jobs arearised. Gniezno Poviat offers polish and foregin investors furnished with media fields, free buildings for managing, good qualification workers, good communal infrastructure, efficient telecommunication and banking services

Come, invest here and find out that it is worth it!

Why have they invested in Gniezno Powiat? Let the best incentive to invest in Gniezno Powiat be investments of the firms that have already done this. They are:
  • Alco-Pegro Sp. z o.o. in Kołaczkowo - spirit products (French capital);
  • Matsushita Battery Poland - electronic-chemical branch (Japanese capital);
  • LNB Poland Sp. z o.o. - production of premixes, concentrates, milk substitutes and other food additives (Dutch capital);
  • NB Polska Sp. z o.o. - VELUX roof windows (Danish capital);
  • Paroc Polska Sp. z. o.o. - production of insulating materials (Finnish capital);
  • Euroverlux Sp. z o.o. - decoration of glass containers (French capital);
  • Scanclimber - production of elevators (Finnish capital).
Here are arguments of two of the above listed companies which finally decided to choose the location of their firms in Gniezno Powiat:

NB Polska
  • What is your company busy with, where does its capital derive from and what is its amount?
    VELUX is the world's largest manufacturer of skylights (roof windows). Our mission is to give people daylight, fresh air, beautiful views and solar energy in their everyday lives. VELUX produces and sells VELUX skylights and accessories such as assembly and decorative elements and sun screens in over 40 countries. VELUX is also present on European market of products connected with the utilization of solar energy and solar thermal panels. VELUX has its trading firms, factories and other agencies in 40 countries. In Gniezno VELUX opened a production company NB Polska Sp. z o.o. in the year 1998.
  • Why did you choose Gniezno?
    After a long and careful search of a good location for a new VELUX production firm in Poland in the years 1996/97 the final choice was Gniezno. We chose Gniezno because of its location (close to EU and Denmark) and the opportunity to recruit qualified workers. What was also important, was good open and constructive co-operation with local authorities and the President of Gniezno Mr. Bogdan Trepiński who showed involvement, enthusiasm and support for our project.
  • Are you satisfied with your choice?
    Generally we are happy to have chosen Gniezno.
  • What would you advise people who want to invest in Gniezno Powiat?
    Concentrate on what you want to do and involve the local authorities in your plans. The clearer the aim is the easier it will be for local authorities to pay to you the attention you deserve and to give you support in your investments.
  • How do you estimate co-operation with local authorities and other firms?
    Generally speaking co-operation with local authorities is good, open and constructive as both parties have the same goal - to create a stable developmental enterprise - and, as a consequence, generate jobs for local people.
  • Three main advantages of the region from the point of view of an investor?
    Gniezno has prepared good area for future Industrial Zone which augurs hope for attracting many investors and creating synergistic effect between future firms. The other main advantage is that the recruitment basis of new employees is very good. The employees of NB Polska are very involved, well qualified, loyal and effective. The third important advantage of Gniezno is its location. The fact that Gniezno is near Poznań (and international airport) also means that if a local sub-contractor/servicing firm is not available in Gniezno, Poznań - being within a relatively short distance - will ensure access to necessary services. More about products and fascinating history of VELUX can be fund on internet page
Matsushita Battery Poland
  • What is your company busy with, where does its capital derive from and what is its amount?
    Matsushita Battery Poland S.A. is a producer of environmentally friendly zinc-carbon batteries R6, R14 and R20 mainly sold with the brand name Panasonic. Shareholders of the factory are Japanese:
    Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd - 60% shares
    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. - 40% shares
    Capital paid in by the shareholders up till present moment is 164 500 000 PLN.
  • How come that you chose Gniezno?
    The arguments that persuaded us to place the factory in Gniezno were::
    • geographic location;
    • nearness to western border, which plays an important role in case of an enterprise exporting to the west;
    • easy access to the ports of Gdynia and Gdańsk, which is very important for the import of components transported by sea;
    • local labour potential - well qualified personnel;
    • significance of Gniezno as the town of long and rich history;
    • strong recommendation of local authorities
The elements listed out at the beginning are main advantages of the region from investor's point of view..
  • Are you satisfied with your choice?
    From the perspective of several years of the company's existence one can say that placing the undertaking in Gniezno was well-grounded and the investment proved to be a success. Advantages of Gniezno region mentioned before are doubtless.
  • What would you advise people who want to invest in Gniezno Powiat?
    The key issue is not to be afraid of investing in the Powiat. Our example proves that such a decision can bring good effects.
  • How do you estimate co-operation with local authorities and other firms?
    Co-operation with self-government authorities and local contracting parties has been perfect from the beginning, which is one of the elements that make Gniezno an attractive town for investors-to-be.

Investment offer

Below selected investment offers are presented. Detailed information referring to the possibility of investing in particular communes can be obtained at Commune Offices.

Developed area after former Cured Meats Factory in Gniezno, st. Roosevelta.

Owner: The town of Gniezno.
Owner's address : Urząd Miejski w Gnieźnie, st. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno.
Contact person: Mirosław Kazior, Head of the Communal Property Department, tel. (0-61) 4260465, fax (0-61) 4261687.
Legal status: settled - owner: the Town of Gniezno.
Total area: 8080 m2.
Number of plots: 1.
Infrastructure: full.
Communication access: good.
Existing buildings: factory building of the area. 575 m2 and cubature 2183,24 m3, buildings (changing room, refrigerator, machine room, boiler house) of the area. 973 m2 and cubature 4398,22 m3,building due for demolition apart from boiler house and machine room.
Use according to development plan: apartment houses.
Form and mode of sale of rights: sale on tender.
Price: to be specified during tender.

Development of area for industry, basis and storage

Entity extending the offer: the Town of Trzemeszno office and Trzemeszno commune office.
Address of entity extending the offer: Urzad MiG, st. Dąbrowskiego 2, 62-240 Trzemeszno.
Contact person: Jacek Woźniak - Investment Department Inspector, tel. (0-52) 3154306, fax (0-52) 3154412.
Anticipated investment cost: depending on the future function of the object.
Anticipated investor's contribution: In case of purchase by the investor the land value is app. 1,2 ml. PLN
Expected result of the investment: jobs for local people.
Area description: area located next to main road Poznań-Toruń and railway line (the same direction) of the area app.30 ha. Private ownership. Destination according to development plan - for industry, basis and storage.
Infrastructure: water gas and electricity In the neighbourhood.

Property developed with buildings of a former boiler house

Owner: Witkowo commune.
Owner's address: st. Gnieźnieńska 1, 62-230 Witkowo, tel. 063 277 81 94.
Contact person: Anita Franczak - Inspector for Property Management st. Gnieźnieńska 1, 62 - 230 Witkowo, tel.063 277 81 94 w. 13.
Legal status: Real-estate register KW 28349 - no liabilities, KW 20349 - no liabilities.
Total area: 7675 m2.
Number of plots: 3 (14/8, 14/17, 14/19).
Infrastructure: electricity, water, sewage system.
Communication access: direct access to public road. Property located within town borders, directly next to province road.
Existing buildings: building of a planned boiler house - usable floor area 443,2 m2 technical building - usable floor area 65,8 m2 chimney, charring buildings, hardened surface - 1820 m2, fence.
Destination according to development plan: area for services, and centres (shopping, gastronomy), economic administration (e.g. bank), open-air market, service points.
Form and mode of the sale of rights:
Price:to be agreed upon during tender.

Former barracks at st. Wrzesińska

Owner: The Town of Gniezno.
Owner's address: Zespół Urbanistyczny U M w Gnieźnie, st. Lecha 6, 62-200
Contact person: Małgorzata Suchecka, st. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno tel. (048 61) 426-04-96, fax 426-16-87.
Legal status: development plan elaborated in the year 2002. Real-estate register N0. 8089. Filed in the register of historical monuments of Wielkopolskie province at entry
No. 69/Wlkp/A of 20. 11. 2001.
Total area: 13,96 ha.
Installations: technical infrastructure depending on intensity of future use requires change and replacement, adjustment to New functions. Installations mainly worn out and obsolete, require replacement. In Wrzesińska street there is full and adequate technical infrastructure.
Communication access: from Wrzesińska street and from Grunwaldzka street; - buildings of farmer barracks are In the centre of the southern part of the town, abort 2 km away from the centre; - southern part of the town - with residential areas Grunwaldzkie, Pustachowa, Kawiary,Pławnik, Siniec, Dalki - is being restructured from an industrial zone (formerly a tannery and sugar factory functioned here) into districts of varied residential and services functions with participation of small production and trading enterprises; - In the area of farmer barracks it impossible to create a centre for the whole district - one also serving agricultural areas located south of Gniezno; - vast undeveloped areas (Pustachowa and Pławnik settlements) at a short distance from former barracks make it possible to place there houses and developer's business; - communication from town centre: on foot - 20 minutes, by car - 10 minutes, by town bus- 15 minutes; - the area is adjacent to the ring-road connecting directions Warszawa-Łódź-Konin-Września-Wrocław with directions Poznań-Bydgoszcz-Toruń.
Existing buildings: there are approximately 45 buildings mainly of the year 1894
Destination according to development plan: considered possibilities of using the buildings of former barracks: - secondary schools and schools of university level of micro-regional reach, - various forms of housing, hotel industry, - public administration, - jobs connected with services for the area and the whole town.
Form and mode of sale of the rights: tender.
Price: different value of buildings and land depending on their technical condition and destination.

Development of the area located at the intersection of Poznańska and Kłeckowska streets on the slope opposite the old part of the town

Owner: private: Józef Bara.
Owner's address: tel. 425-91-27.
Contact person: Zespół Urbanistyczny Urzędu Miejskiego w Gnieźnie, st. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno tel. (048 61) 426-04-96, fax 426-16-87, e-mail:
Legal status: settled, Real-estate register department of the District Law Court In Gniezno
Total area: 1, 86 ha.
Number of plots: 1
Installation: full infrastructure, no heating connections.
Communication access: the area is located on a slope opposite the old part of the town below- behind the road Poznań-Bydgoszcz-Toruń-Konin, Jelonek lake surrounded with a park and the oldest historical part of the town; next to the intersection there is a 24-hour car park for coaches and cars, easy communication with town centre: on foot - 4-5 minutes, drive from Kłeckowska street along Młyńska street and from Poznańska Street along Czarnieckiego and Bema streets, 500 m away from the Museum of the Beginnings of the Polish State, 400 m away from the historical cathedral and Archdiocese Museum, the Treasury and Cathedral Library, Seminar and Primate's Palace, 800 m away from ESSO petrol station, 2 km away from ORLEN petrol station.
Existing buildings:
Destination according to the development plan: In the area it is possible to locate a hotel or motel and other buildings of similar character for about 180 guests. The building cannot exceed 3 storeys and ought to face the town centre - the cathedral.
Form and mode of the sale of rights: notary deed.
Price: to be negotiated with the owner.

Community Centre under construction

Owner: Mieleszyn Commune.
Owner's address: Urząd Gminy w Mieleszynie, Mieleszyn 23, 62-212 Mieleszyn, tel. (061) 429 50 60, fax (061) 429 50 73 ,
Contact person: Commune administrator - Janusz Kamiński, tel. (061) 429 50 60, fax (061) 429 50 73, Commune Secretary - Janusz Sztukowski, tel. (061) 429 50 60, fax (061) 429 50 73,
Legal status: settled - Real-estate register No. KW 21570
Total area: area of the building 794,23 m2, cubature 6653,22m3, usable floor area 1251,0 m2.
Number of plots: 1
Installations: electricity, water, internal yards.
Communication access: good - convenient access, building in the centre of Mieleszyn.
Existing buildings: closed building in the raw state with internal electric installation.
Destination according to development plan: area for services, culture, trade and administration.
Form and mode of the sale of rights: sale.
Price: to be agreed upon during tender.