Inhabitants and labour market

The population of Gniezno Powiat is about 140 thousand inhabitants (139 712 in 2002). Most inhabitants live in the capital of Gniezno Powiat - Gniezno (over 71 thousand inhabitants). The structure of population in groups of production usefulness is close to the average percent values observed in Wielkopolska.

Compared Value Poland Wielkopolska Gniezno
Structure of population in groups of production usefulness
Population in production age 61,92% 61,3% 62,0%
Population in pre-production age 23,22% 25,2% 26,0%
Population in post-production age 14,86% 13,5% 12,0%

In Gniezno Powiat there are 24 thousand working people of who 50% are employed in private sector. It consists mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Labour market in Gniezno Powiat is characterised by one of the highest level of unemployment in Wielkopolska. Presently unemployment in Gniezno Powiat is 22,1% (15,5% in Wielkopolska, 17,5% in Poland). This significantly influences high job demand and lower labour costs than for example in Poznań City or Poznań Powiat.
The structure of the unemployed in Gniezno Powiat, both as to education and age does not differ much from that observed in Wielkopolska.
Above the structure of people employed in Gniezno Powiat is presented with division into particular branches.