Photo gallery

Gniezno - bird's-eye view of the market square
Gniezno - view of Gniezno Cathedral from the shore of Lake Wenecja
Czerniejewo - classical palace
Zakrzewo - palace - front view
Lednica Landscape Park - Ostrów Lednicki - Fish
Lednica Landscape Park - mansion - Ethnographic Park
A viewing tower in Duszno
A blacksmith's forge in Kruchowo
Trzemeszno Basilica
Poznań - Town Hall
Kruszwica - The Mouse Tower
Nekla - church - general view
A group of Gniezno warriors
Gniezno Narrow Gauge Railways
Collegium Europaeum Gnesnense
Gate of the Third Millenium "Fish" - Imiołki
Gniezno Cathedral