General Information

The District of Gniezno is an area of 1254 km2 located in the Wielkopolska Province - one of the largest regions in the west of Poland. The term district refers to the second level in the local authorities administrative organization in Poland. The District of Gniezno comprises 10 communes of various size (1 municipal commune - Gniezno, 4 municipal-rural communes - Czerniejewo, Kłecko, Trzemeszno, Witkowo and 5 rural communes - Gniezno, Niechanowo, Kiszkowo, Mieleszyn, Łubowo). The capital of the district jest Gniezno - the first historic capital city of Poland. The population of the District of Gniezno is approximately 140,000. About half of this number are the inhabitants of Gniezno.

The District of Gniezno is one of 35 districts in the province - fourth as regards the population and sixth as regards the area. Within the province the district fulfills important functions of economic, social and cultural nature.



Wielkopolska Province

Administrative partition of Gniezno Poviat