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The motto of the district good place, royal tradition suggests the origin of the region. This is where the Polish State came into existence. It is historically the oldest region of the country identified with the beginnings of Polish statehood. The history of settlement in this region dates back to the 7th century. The first five kings of Poland were crowned here. Gniezno also saw the creation of the first archbishopric.
To his day in the region there are many well-kept historic buildings and monuments of religious character. Gniezno is also the main attraction on the popular tourist route in Poland called the Piast Route. Travelling on it one can feel the breath of history which carries us back in time. Tourists coming here can see numerous sacred buildings, palaces, mansions, museums with unique exhibits and places with regionally-decorated rooms fostering past traditions of the area.
In the capital of the district as well as in other various places in the immediate neighbourhood there are multiple hotels, guest houses and holiday resorts with excellent catering facilities.
The entire lowland landscape is dotted with vast forest expanse, numerous rivers, natural lakes and hills offering wonderful views. Gniezno itself has three lakes. Convenient natural conditions found in the District of Gniezno make it an ideal place for hiking, cycling, swimming and boating. The place is perfect for doing not only new, ever-popular sports such as sailing, diving, quad or paintball but also more traditional ones such as horse-riding.
In the region there are a lot of agrotourist farms where guests can relax through taking part in as simple activities as having a meal with a host family, helping at simple field jobs, observing how to raise animals or cultivate crops. This way of spending time lets visitors have a rest ant take a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

If you interested in coming to Gniezno and the Piast Route, you are sure to be provided with competent and efficient assistance:

District Centre of Tourist Information
ul. Tumska 12 w Gnieźnie
tel. +48 /061/ 428 41 00